FOR years, Laura Chapman had nursed patients with weight related illnesses back to health. But, as she struggled to move her size 24 frame between hospital wards, she felt like a hypocrite. Like her patients, she knew she too was slowly killing herself with her daily dose of super-sized, fat-riddled food. Facing the daily reminder at work of how increased weight can lead to diabetes, heart attacks and strokes, the nurse changed her ways and has now lost a staggering 13st. Laura, who now weighs 10st 13lb, celebrated by slipping into a slinky size ten dress just in time for her 30th birthday in April this year. She says: “It suddenly hit me that if I didn’t change my ways I would soon be one of those patients in need of constant medical attention.” Until she began her three-year transformation, Laura had always loved food. She says: “I was brought up to believe you never wasted anything and always finished what was on your plate. “Mum made traditional home-cooked meals that were laden with fat. So by the time I started senior school at 11, I was already a lot bigger than the other girls. “Fortunately, because I have quite a lively outgoing personality, I never got teased. And maybe because of that, I never tried to change my ways. “I’d skip breakfast. Then, at lunchtime, I would gorge on a butter-laden sandwich with a bag of crisps and a chocolate bar, washed down with a bottle of pop. “Dinner consisted of processed food. I loved pizza, ready meals and sponge puddings for dessert. “Each evening I would chomp huge chocolate bars in front of the TV.” It wasn’t until 2009 when she began working on a hospital gastroenterology ward, that she saw the side effects of her overeating. Laura, from Chesterfield, Derbyshire, says: “I realised I didn’t want to be fat and 30. “I had a dream of wearing a sexy dress for my party and I wanted to feel special. “I’d always worn baggy tops for nights out and meals. This time I wanted to have the wow factor for my big day. “But I knew there was no chance unless I dramatically changed my ways. “So there and then I made a New Year’s resolution to get fit and thin for 30.” That week, Laura, who was by then a size 24, joined her local Slimming World group in Chesterfield.
She says: “I was horrified to see that I was so heavy." But, determined to stand out and feel more attractive at her milestone party, she switched to a healthier diet. Laura says: “My first change was to have breakfast. I started eating porridge and fresh fruit, or a bowl of cereal with skimmed milk." “Instantly I started feeling better. Instead of feeling lethargic, I had some get-up-and-go about me. It was just the incentive I needed." “I liked how I felt and didn’t want it to end. In the first week, I lost 4lb. After that I lost 4-to-7lb a week." “It was empowering and gave me the strength to carry on.” Laura also joined Fit femmes ladies only gym and took circuit training and Zumba classes. Within two years she was able to buy some new clothes from the high street. But the real reward came when Laura celebrated her 30th birthday, weighing just 11st 5lb. She says: “I planned a big party for family and friends at a local function room. “I’d been looking for a dress for months and had seen dozens that I loved. But I wanted it to be something really special to mark just how far I’d come. “I found a sequin-embossed, silver, floor-length evening dress with a lovely neck line that showed off my slimmed-down size ten frame. “On the night itself, I was quite nervous as I got ready. Even though I felt utterly wonderful as I slipped into my dress, I was quite anxious." “But everyone congratulated me on how I looked and some of the blokes even threw me a cheeky wink and kept saying how amazing I looked." “It was absolutely perfect. All my hard work and determination had finally paid off and made the day I’d only dared dream of come true.” “If I was ever tempted to go back to my old ways, I would just take a quick look at the photo of myself at my party." “It would prevent me being tempted by a chocolate bar or butter-laden cheese sandwich.”

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"I was as fat as the obese patients I was nursing"




I have now lost 4 stone 8lbs and 56.5 ins!

I have always struggled with my weight with most of my life and have never been entirely happy. In May 2008 I was at an all time low, I had had a back operation four years ago and the weight had just piled on. At my heaviest I couldn't even look in the mirror. I noticed an advert in the local newspaper advertising the gym and decided i had had enough it was time to do something.

The thought of going into a gym totally filled me with dread but all the girls were so friendly and it was ladies only. All the ladies who attend have one thing in common and that to feel better about themselves.

The weight and inches dropped off gradually at first but once I started it got easier and easier. The circuit is also so easy to do and it’s enjoyable.

I am now at my target weight and feel great. I now enjoy shopping for clothes The girls are absolute stars and I've made some great friends as well.



I had put weight on over the last year and tried all different things to lose it including aerobics but the weight would not go.  I put it down to the fact that at my age weight was not easy to lose. I found the advert for Fit Femmes in the Christmas edition of the Shoppers Guide but did nothing until April.  I was so unhappy with my weight that I thought I would give Fit Femmes a try.

From the moment I picked up the phone and spoke to them I was impressed and I have never looked back.  Sharon, my personal trainer, did my induction and worked out the programme which most suited my needs.

After 9 weeks I was re-assessed and found I had lost 1 stone in weight and 11 inches.

Sharon has now designed a more challenging programme for me so I can continue to working towards my goal weight.

Thank you Fit Femmes for giving me back my life, my self esteem and my confidence.  I now feel fantastic and I tell everyone the secret of my success.




I've never eaten regular meals and I didn’t really notice my weight was creeping up. I was aware that my back hurt after driving long distances and seeing a new ladies only gym - opening nearby in Chesterfield I decided to make enquiries after reading claims that their 30 minute circuit could help ease muscle pains.


At my induction, standing on the scales for the first time in 20 years and seeing that I weighed almost 13 stone came as a shock and I vowed to do something about it.  Every member gets an individually tailored programme consisting of exercises that are air assisted and suitable for anyone. With the encouragement and advice from the friendly instructors about eating regularly I found I really enjoyed working out on the 30 minute circuit. The exercises are not strenuous and can easily be carried out during a lunch hour.


After 30 weeks I lost 3 and a half stone and dropped 4 dress sizes and feel so much healthier.



And Many More.........



Phillipa Meed – 49575

It’s the best thing that I have tried in a long time.  It’s fun, the Girls are fab and best of all IT WORKS!!!

LOST 10 inches and 7 lbs in 7 weeks.

BMI and Body Fat down.


Tracey Owen – 50207

Glad I read the Derbyshire Times at the right time, after joining I was a little pessimistic but after 10 weeks and 12 inches lost I feel great – Lets go for the next 10 weeks.


Rachel Burgess – 50222

Fit Femmes has made me realise that I really can do it!  ALL the girls are really helpful and it is a joy to come and exercise at the end of a long day at work.  I’ve lost 6 ¼ inches in 8 weeks!


Jo Watson – 49479

Thank you so much.  As well as losing 9 lbs and 11 inches I feel so much better in myself.  What a lovely atmosphere.  Having really approachable and friendly staff makes such a difference.

Hope I continue with the weight and inch loss!

Thank you so much.




Karen Wagstaff – 49557

Thank you to all the staff for helping me lose weight and inches in a lovely relaxing atmosphere, looking forward to the next assessment.




Diane Russell – 49567

Fit Femmes has given me a new lease of life.  Really enjoying coming.  I have lost 7 ¾ inches, feel really good.


Jane Burton – 49564

All the girls at Fit Femmes have given me support and have always been there for me when I wasn’t feeling my best!

Thank you everyone and I will keep up the good work.

I have lost 10 inches and I feel fantastic!!


Alison Hancock – 50204

I’m really enjoying my sessions at Fit Femmes and I’m very pleased with my inch loss.  Will make sure I keep up the good work.

Thanks for your support!


Helen Couchy – 49568

Fit Femmes is great! The staff are all so welcoming and encouraging. I’m really pleased that I have lost inches and I definitely feel more toned.  Just doing 30 minutes keeps me motivated.  Thank you all!


Lynn  Santer – 49491

I’m right excited I’ve lost 4 ½ inches yes 4 ½ inches off my abdomen and a couple of pounds too.  I feel much more toned and fitter.  Thanks girls.


Annette Meikle – 49472

Really pleased!  Total of 8 ½ inches and 4 ½ lbs lost – brill!  Have never liked gyms before, but this is great fun, lots of encouragement and I feel so much better – can’t beat it! Thanks to you all.


Jackie Burkitt – 49581

Enjoying my workouts, lots of fun and making new friends – feeling much fitter.  FIT TO DROP!!


Suzanne Keyworth – 49475

Enjoying workouts in a friendly atmosphere. Lost 8 inches in 10 weeks.  All staff are friendly, always available to help, but most all always cheerful and up for a laugh!!

So glad I joined!!


Rhiannon Rees-Williams – 49551

I’m really enjoying workouts which is such a surprise as I never enjoyed exercise this much as I tried joining gyms before and not lasted a week.  I feel very relaxed here and reassured by members of staff and I feel my progress is getting there and keep working towards my goal without having to watch show off's in spandex which would get in normal gym.



Sue G – 51074

Don’t feel daunted by the workout.  Friendly atmosphere makes it enjoyable and keeps me coming and not give up.  Surprised and pleased at results so far.


Leanne Hargreaves – 50162

I love coming to Gymophobics its relaxing and a nice place just to come and get away from everything.  Thanks so much for all your support with my workout and wedding plans. I feel loads better in myself I’ve got much more energy, I feel great, all my clothes are starting to fit me now.  I’ve got more confidence, I’m a lot more outgoing and I feel great and comfortable in the clothes I wear. I’m starting to get excited about my wedding.  I felt great about my reassessment I’ve increased all my work outs and lost quite a lot of inches.  So I feel really good about it.  So come on HEN NIGHT and WEDDING DAY and RECEPTION.


Josie Davenport – 50272

I really enjoy coming to Gymophobics.  The staff are very friendly and competent.  I am thrilled to have lost 10 inches and 1 ½ lbs in 10 weeks.


Sheila James – 49593

Just great, always enjoy coming to see everybody and looking forward in losing more inches. Thanks to all – a great bunch of people and staff.

Christine Bownes – 50165

I love coming to this gym! Thank you so much to everyone for your support.


Carole Wilkinson – 49462

I enjoy coming – on doorstep from work.  Pleased with my 10 week assessment lost 5lbs and 6 inches.  All the staff are very friendly and make you feel at ease.  Can’t wait till next reassessment. Thanks.


Nadine Farnham – 49464

I absolutely love coming to Fit Femmes, the staff are all wonderful (and so is the mocha) it is so relaxing and therapeutic for me. I have lost a total of 17 inches and gone from a size 14 (not bad to say I don’t do diets). Thanks a lot girls and I enjoy every minute.


Pauline Wilkins – 50191

I love coming, you don’t realise how unfit you are till you start.  The staff and the machines are great.  Would recommend it to anybody.   Hope the next 10 weeks are as good. Lost 8 ½ lbs and 13 inches.  Thank you.


Janette Hadfield – 49598

Thanks to all the girls, its just fab coming.  The whole place and people motivates you.  I never feel it’s a bind to come.  Thanks again.


Jane Palmer – 49559

Have loved coming from the beginning. All staff very friendly and helpful.  I came to help raise my energy levels so losing 10 inches by the first assessment is a bonus.  Thanks so much.


Lindsey Phillips – 50172

Thank you all so much, I am really pleased with my inch loss.  The gym is fantastic and everyone is so friendly and helpful.  I never thought coming to the gym could be pleasurable.  Thank you all!!


Judith – 49456

Really enjoying the gym, everyone is friendly and staff always welcome you.  Pleased to have lost 2 ¾ inches and been on holiday twice!  Thanks (what a handy location close enough to come in my lunch break).


Anne – 50257

Absolutely brilliant I didn’t think I would have done this well.  Thanks to you all.


Carole Pullen – 50175

Thank you so much for helping me tone up.  I am very pleased with my results after 8 weeks.  The staff are so friendly and really encourage me.  Thank you so much.


Anne Doody – 49589

Can’t believe I actually now have a waist after I don’t know how many years – so pleasing and 9 lbs weight loss as well.  Thank you so much for all the help from everyone.  The atmosphere is so friendly and relaxed.


Cristina Ara – 50205

Lost weight and inches, excellent.  Everyone noticed I look much younger, more toned and feel better about myself. Thanks everyone.


Corinna – 49477

Loved the workouts, everyone here given me loads of encouragement and support, all great.  Big thanks to everyone.


Julie – 50333

Ecstatic lost 10 lbs and 13 ¾ inches.  The circuit is great – really feeling the benefit – glad I joined!


Heather – 50230

Absolutely brilliant, has really made a difference to how I feel! Thanks to everyone at Fit Femmes ….. a really  great place!

Marian – 50290

Really pleased with results and enjoy the circuit.


Mary B – 49574

Really enjoying the Gym, very impressed with results.


Carol – 49486

Lost 10 ¾ inches and 5 pounds in 8 weeks!  Really pleased with results.  Thanks to everyone at Fit Femmes.


Debbie – 50211

Lost 6 lbs as well as the inches.  Really pleased with the results and I am sure come September holidays I will not be worried about being seen around the pool so much now. Great atmosphere and thank you for the help and motivation.


Amanda – 50249

I have lost over 4 ½ stone and 53 inches in a year.  It works, thanks to the girls.  I couldn’t have done it without them.  They have been a great support.  Big thanks.


Janet – 50214

I have lost 2 inches and feel a lot better about myself.  I haven’t been able to come to the gym as often as I would like so the result is great.  It has made a difference and it’s a lovely place and all the staff are great.  Thank you all.


Karen – 49557

Inch loss and body fat down, only thing getting bigger is the smile! A big thank you to all the girls on the staff.  Always kind and helpful.


Jane – 50593

Can’t believe it!!  I feel so much better.  Friendly people, extremely helpful staff, great circuit, great music all adds up to a Gym that’s fun to attend – ha ha!  Did I just say that?!!

Charmaine – 50679

I joined because I wanted to lose a lot of weight and have been coming for a few months now and I can tell that I’ve lost pounds and inches and my mood has lifted and I do not feel so low any-more and I’ve made lots of friends too.  I’m really enjoying it and I’m glad that I came.  The staff are great and I felt welcomed here not like other gyms.


Lesley – 50524

Its fun, its friendly, it WORKS!


Catherine – 50685

Before my heart surgery 2 ½ years ago when I was 19 the doctors said that they couldn’t make me better, just stop me getting worse.  BUT … since I’ve been coming to Fit Femmes my fitness has improved so much that things I used to get breathless doing I can do much easier; such as walking up the stairs.  Some days I can even run up the stairs and not get half as tired or breathless as I used to.  Also the added benefit is that I have lost weight!  6 pounds so far and 11 inches! And my mood has improved, just ask my mum!  Thank you!


Jean – 50686

Although I have not lost any weight yet, I have lost 11 ¾ inches, reduced my fat percentage and improved my stamina.  I can now walk upstairs or uphill AND speak at the same time!!  All of this in just 30 visits.  Here’s to the next 30 visits!


Ann – 50257

I would like to thank every one of you for all your help and encouragement this past year.  I have enjoyed attending a Gym which amazed me and that is due to all the help you gave me to lose inches which to me is great. Thanks again.


Helen – 50599

I can’t thank the girls enough! After 11 months I’ve lost 3 st 9 lbs and 35 ¾ inches.  I’ve gone down from a size 22-24 to size 16 and I feel fantastic! My BMI has gone down and so has my body fat (which was so high when I started that it didn’t even register on the machine!).  My confidence has improved no end and I no longer hate shopping for clothes.  The girls are so friendly and helpful and nothing is ever too much trouble for them!  Thanks girls, you are a great bunch!

















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