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Buy GrandeLASH™-MD Serum and Grande Mascara Duo Deal
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Grande Mascara

Grande MASCARA provides instant extreme volume and length and healthier looking lashes. Helps maintain the effects of GrandeLASH-MD. Make the most of your spectacular lashes with Grande MASCARA-Lash Boosting Formula, an exclusive formula made in Italy. Get instant extreme volume and length, plus healthier looking lashes from its unique peptide blend. This mascara is made with SymPeptide 226EL which stimulates keratin to fortify your lashes, providing length and thickness for naturally beautiful eyelashes! Grande MASCARA has an applicator brush made with the perfect combination of hard and soft fibres to lift lashes to achieve your desired volume.


Longer, Thicker & Darker

Lashes & Brows

Even if you're lucky enough to be born with perfect lashes, chances are you still want them to be thicker and longer. If you're not one of the lucky ones, then you've probably spent a fortune on lash extensions or hours in the powder room on a night out, trying to glue your false eye lashes back on!


Well look no further girls, GrandeLASH™-MD can help you get the lashes you've always wanted. In as little as 4 - 6 weeks GrandeLASH™-MD can help short, sparse brows and lashes look fuller, thicker, longer and darker.


GrandeLASH™-MD can repair damage and breakage caused by cosmetics, illness, age or environmental influences. Your natural lashes will not only be longer and thicker but stronger too.


So go on girls, add this best kept beauty secret to your make-up bag and get fluttering those luscious long lashes at all the boys!

Buy grande Mascara online

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