The Gym Exercise, health (mental and physical) and wellbeing are interlinked. Ladies strive to maintain good levels of fitness in order to keep abreast of hectic lifestyles - not easy. We acknowledge the juggling act of fitting, exercise and family life. The 30-minute circuit is perfect. The atmosphere friendly, fun, welcoming and more importantly nurturing, is supportive and positive. Ladies also need support on a psychological level. We help ladies quickly rebuild their self-confidence and self worth - a gym designed by women for women. Cardio Corner ﷯ The Circuit Fit Femmes is a gym designed by women for women. The unique air driven equipment is simple to use, weight increase 1 kg at a time by the push of a button – couldn’t be easier. There are no mirrors, no men so no concerns about appearance. There are 10 stations and a 3 minute buzzer which indicates when you need to change station. The appointment system means that you are guaranteed your place. Highly qualified, friendly staff members are always on hand to provide that VIP attention, guiding you to maintain the correct techniques, giving praise and encouragement, assisting, advising and motivating you constantly to help you achieve the very best results. Exercise Classes Body Blast Callisthenics

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